‘Thank you so much for all the marvellous care and attention Mum received from all of you and the girls gave which allowed her to remain in her own home until the end. I know she could be difficult at times but she was always handled with care and tact. All the family are extremely grateful. ’
Mrs. S, August 2014

‘Thank you for the lovely flowers you all sent for Mum, arranged in a lovely basket, they were really beautiful. We really appreciated the carers coming to the funeral. It was a beautiful ceremony and we feel we gave Mum a good send off. Thanking you once again for everything. ’
Mrs. B, July 2013

‘Thank you and all dad's ‘ladies’ for all the care and support you gave him over the time you visited him. We can't remember what year it began but we know it has been a long relationship and we can't fault the service you provided. In the beginning it was just one visit a week to get dad used to the idea of someone coming into the house but at the end you were going in 3 times a day and we will never forget how effortlessly you responded to the change in level of care required. We know that you all helped dad stay independent right to the end and we are very grateful for that. We will miss our contact with you all and wish you all the very best for the future. ’
Mr. H, February 2012

‘My brother and I would like to thank you for the excellent care you provided for our father. He so looked forward to your daily visits, the coffee, the chat, the lovely sandwiches which kept him going all day! You helped make it possible for him to live comfortably in his own home, where he wanted to be. We cannot thank you enough for the kindness the Carewell team showed him. ’
Mr. A, April 2011

‘It wasn't always easy for you all to see and hear the pain that the M.S. condition caused her but there was also lots of laughter and great humour along the way and I know my mother enjoyed this interaction. The continuity of care was exceptional and certainly relieved the stress that I felt under at times. I knew that when I was away on holiday everything would run smoothly to the point that the last two times I don't think I was missed! You have an excellent team of staff so please pass on a very heartfelt thank you. Your clients are very lucky to have such lovely ladies looking after them, I cannot praise them enough, they really do go above and beyond the call of duty and for this my family and I will always be grateful to you and your team. ’
Mrs. A, June 2010

‘To all the care team - Thank you, all of you for your kindness and are you gave to my father so that he could be where he wanted to be and because of the special care you provided he was able to stay at home. ’
Mr. K, July 2009

‘We would like to thank you for the excellent care you and your staff have given to my father. Since that first day when you came to assess my father we have all felt safe and that you understood the difficulties experienced by the client and his relatives. Your staff has been kind and friendly and you have all given time and effort to accommodate my father who has not always been the perfect patient. ’
Mr. H, December 2008

‘Thank you for all you did to get me going again. It is a great comfort to know you are all there. ’
Mrs. S, April 2006

‘Thank you to the CareWell team for doing that little bit extra. ’
Mrs. L, July 2005

‘We would like to thank you and your team for all your patient and kind care I know my father appreciated it even though he was grumpy sometimes. Heartfelt thanks to you all. ’
Mr. S, August 2004

‘I can well remember the very first day that you came to look after him. He had resisted help for such a long time but within half an hour of you leaving he rang my sister to tell her what had happened and how 20 minutes care had changed his life. He had got bogged down by the fact that he needed to get help but because you had treated him so well and in a way that didn't make him feel helpless he knew things would improve. He always had a zest for life and when he could no longer get out he did find life difficult but here is where you really played your cards encouraging him to keep trying. ’
Mr. M, March 2003

‘Anything we write here will not truly convey our gratitude to you. You were not only fantastic carers to our mum but we regarded you as friends. We were also helped greatly by your visits. We will miss you coming. ’
Mrs. S, March 2001